Friday, May 22, 2009

are we not asking to abolish the ISA as the rest of the world? err, yes, of course!

a reader left this comment, sir antares from

"I appreciate very much your passionate commitment to freedom & justice and your desire to see an end to cruelty & injustice. Having read your online petition, I didn't sign it, because I don't think it's a viable strategy to abolish the ISA (& other archaic, oppressive laws). The complex problems (corruption, Little Napoleonism, racism, hypocrisy, unmitigated greed, crooked cops, bent judges, capitalist cronies, etc) resulting from Mahathir's uninterrupted 22-year reign cannot be resolved simply with the abolition of one unjust law. Ultimately, what we must work towards is the end of Umno rule - no more race-based divisive politics camouflaging an all-out systematic rape of our nation's wealth & environmental & moral health. For a start the fact that this blog exists is already a big step forward. What we need is for ALL the young people to wake up & become politically aware - instead of dulling their minds with video games & shopping! Keep speaking out about everything & have no doubt that all of you are an important part of the GREAT CHANGES happening right now. Bravo, Evelyn & everybody else involved in this blog! :-)"

and here is my reply to his comment above..

"hiya sir, thanks or the comment.. for your info, our cause is not specific to abolish ISA, which, if it comes to that, we will, of course, support the abolishment of ISA, of course.

however, having understood that the gov isnt going to abolish the law anytime soon (their life line depends on law like these), we are not just going to sit down and do nothing.. altho, in our heart, the chances of abolishing ISA is very slim, we couldnt just ignore the fact that there are still ISA detainees left in Kamunting as we speak.

Hence, it is imperative, that we tried to get them out. It is vital that we take a bit of actions to ensure justice is served, albeit not to all, but thats the point. little by little, we work together to achieve a little something..

to abolish ISA will take a great leap on the gov behalf. we cant afford to wait for that. but we can work on something NOW. work together to push the gov to release with whatever tools we got. the greatest tool we have is the 'people power'. and if we do not support each other, then all of the effort to admonish the UBN in this country, will be for naught.."

and if i may add, we are very specific in our request. but it doesnt mean, we are forgetting the whole big picture. this just mean that, we use tactics and strategies to get whatever pieces of bones that we can get. it might not serve the majority views of people who wanted to abolish the ISA, but we can assure you, this is part of the plan... little by little, with whatever tools we got..

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