Friday, May 29, 2009

In the Name of Freedom and Justice


You may say we are not yet come of age,
And we are cracking a joke,
Or telling a cock and bull story,
But people please listen to us,
The truth is it is far from it,
We just want some freedom and justice,
We want to draw blood of some men in the ruling government,
Those who only know to feather their nests,
They who hold our tongues all these donkey's years.

We maybe a little carried away in doing a man's job,
We maybe are in a dangerous ground,
But we know our stuff,
This is today's burning question,
And we are by all means not the ones who fiddle while Rom burns,
Hey people,
We must know which side our bread is buttered,
They are now suddenly jump out of their skins of losing another battle in the poll.

So people do something,
Enough with our talks,
Because words are cheap though,
It is time to put some efforts into it,
It is time we walk the talk,
As actions speak louder than words.

Don't ever be those who nip in the bud,
You neither want to be the rotten apple nor be called no backbone,
As we can no longer wait and let the grass grow under our feet,
Stand up and be counted,
Don't wait to see which way the wind blows,
If so just vote with your feet,
We will walk tall and do this alone.

For freedom and justice,
We just do what we can,
Rom was not built in a day,
We sure can do this for labour of love.
We are all not born fighters,
But just be sure we are man enough to do something,
To free some men detained under the repressive law,
They must be innocent until proven guilty,
They who have been accused but denied their rights to speak up for themselves,
Leaving beloved families no shoulder to cry on,
Who are helping them when they really need fairy godmother so badly?
We know blood is thicker than water,
And home is where the heart is,
It is no different to those families whose husbands and fathers are now behind bars.

We, in the name of freedom and justice, are all humans after all,
Have a heart for those in need by supporting this cause,
Let's come together and join us,
We sure will fight till we are dead-beat,
We know it is never going to be a bed of roses,
It seems we can't have one cake and eat it too,
So that is why we need all the supports from you people,
We must be all for one and one for all,
Come what may,
God willing all's well that ends well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

are we not asking to abolish the ISA as the rest of the world? err, yes, of course!

a reader left this comment, sir antares from

"I appreciate very much your passionate commitment to freedom & justice and your desire to see an end to cruelty & injustice. Having read your online petition, I didn't sign it, because I don't think it's a viable strategy to abolish the ISA (& other archaic, oppressive laws). The complex problems (corruption, Little Napoleonism, racism, hypocrisy, unmitigated greed, crooked cops, bent judges, capitalist cronies, etc) resulting from Mahathir's uninterrupted 22-year reign cannot be resolved simply with the abolition of one unjust law. Ultimately, what we must work towards is the end of Umno rule - no more race-based divisive politics camouflaging an all-out systematic rape of our nation's wealth & environmental & moral health. For a start the fact that this blog exists is already a big step forward. What we need is for ALL the young people to wake up & become politically aware - instead of dulling their minds with video games & shopping! Keep speaking out about everything & have no doubt that all of you are an important part of the GREAT CHANGES happening right now. Bravo, Evelyn & everybody else involved in this blog! :-)"

and here is my reply to his comment above..

"hiya sir, thanks or the comment.. for your info, our cause is not specific to abolish ISA, which, if it comes to that, we will, of course, support the abolishment of ISA, of course.

however, having understood that the gov isnt going to abolish the law anytime soon (their life line depends on law like these), we are not just going to sit down and do nothing.. altho, in our heart, the chances of abolishing ISA is very slim, we couldnt just ignore the fact that there are still ISA detainees left in Kamunting as we speak.

Hence, it is imperative, that we tried to get them out. It is vital that we take a bit of actions to ensure justice is served, albeit not to all, but thats the point. little by little, we work together to achieve a little something..

to abolish ISA will take a great leap on the gov behalf. we cant afford to wait for that. but we can work on something NOW. work together to push the gov to release with whatever tools we got. the greatest tool we have is the 'people power'. and if we do not support each other, then all of the effort to admonish the UBN in this country, will be for naught.."

and if i may add, we are very specific in our request. but it doesnt mean, we are forgetting the whole big picture. this just mean that, we use tactics and strategies to get whatever pieces of bones that we can get. it might not serve the majority views of people who wanted to abolish the ISA, but we can assure you, this is part of the plan... little by little, with whatever tools we got..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A chair for A cause

If you havent read our FAQ, please read here before you proceed.

Okay. Now we are ready to lay down our lil 'game plan' (of course, we know, this isn't a game, but why so serious?). This lil game plan alone, will raise serious FAQs, but will deal with it later. Aight, we will give you a fine example of what we are gonna propose to the Pakatan Leaders (if they actually wanted to even listen, of course).

This piece is written based on what AdukaTaruna wrote in the malay version. You can read the original idea here.

There are 3 main criterias that have to be staisfied.

1. The parliamentary seat are better to avoid DUN majority
2. The chosen seat must be located at the city area to avoid conventional media attacks from the BN. ie, RTM (seriously...)
3. The seat must not be in Kelantan so that full momentum is given to Najib.

Example, we chose Khalid Samad. Shah Alam. He will tender his resignation if the government refused to release the two ISA detainees that was detained for more than 6 years. The by-election is going to shape the rakyat perception towards NAJIB and ISA. Of course, Najib will have to do an in-depth study to salvage his image. He is, by the way, going to lose big time.

This will simultaneously given time and pressure to Najib. UMNO would be shaken. The Bukit Gantang (a kampung compared to Shah Alam) election fraud did not deter the rakyat, and people, this is Shah Alam that we are talking about.

So let see the what ifs scenario.

1. If Najib actually released the detainees, its such a sweet victory towards the wife, the son, the whole family. Such a big push for the government to abolish ISA.

2. If Najb is willing to contest, he will be putting his career at risk. Sabahans and Sarawakians are now in turmoil over BN slow development. From the by-election, the anti-BN sentiment will be somehow injected.

3. If BN did not want to contest, PAS still win, Khalid still a hero. The victim and the whole family will stand by him. Najib's image will be smeared. The anti-Det will flourish.

4. What if we lose the seat to BN? darn, losing is not an option here, but lets face it. This is not a game. Its real, therefore, we are going to do this by the book. Meaning, the leaders together with all the might of the brains and all the think tanks will sit together (with or without us) and simulate a scenario. An example was given above. Seek to win.

But still, we are destined to lose. This will not be a lost cause. From the moment we waged this 'game plan' against them, their side will be in turmoil. There will be people from all corners of UMNO bickering with each other. This will somehow create friction, little by little...

stay tuned for more...

Free ISA poster

The Malaysia I Believe In


Crush ISA!

Crush ISA

Free ISA Prisoner


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Freedom & Justice 4 All

thank you for the poster/banner uncle zorro!

and the young hearts beat again....

this is what uncle zorro said in his blog...

This old heart pumps double fast whenever he is asked to give a leg-up to young bloggers who want to make a difference in blogsphere. The above link is administered by five individuals (I want to believe that they are young and vibrant) who each own their own blogs. I get an extra bolt of adrenalin when young people come together to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are already on this trust to repeal the ISA.On these young shoulders will the future of this beautiful country be shouldered.


few hours ago, when i typed the entry below, i almost wished we had not started this whole thing. i felt so beat up, no one pay attention, we've been ban from lowyat forum, we've been cursed, we've been ridiculed, and even we've been called crazy. an ignorant and whatnots. our thread in so many forums were ignored, no one even bother to raise an argument because for them, we are just bunch of idiots and attention seekers... and personally, i feel sorry for dragging some of my good friends into this 'project' bcoz its like 'little us' against 'biggest and baddest' them..all people are laughing behind our backs. even our friends ridiculed us and make fun of our stand.

some people who felt sorry for our 'lost cause' even suggest us to go to the popular blogs. no one even bother to read our comments. i went to sooooooooo many so-called popular bloggers, no one even bother to authorized my comments. let alone read it. we felt so desolated.

BUT, FRET NO MORE. thanks to the few kind words from zorro, at last, finally someone out there hear us. i wish the whole world know that this is not a 'lost cause'. this is a cause that was thought carefully.

let me just make a quick background story. this whole idea was originated by our dear AdukaTaruna whose quick mind never ceased to amaze me. he alone come up with this idea. and the rest this history. we do Yahoo Messenger conference, and in just 3 hours, we devise this whole thing. we invited many trusted and fellow bloggers to join us (will talk about this in details) but mainly, we agreed on one thing. we will all work together to let the whole malaysian (if not the whole world) that we, will be smarter than the average malaysians, we will stand united and fight for justice.

we are all young and vibrants. currently, all the admins are single, unmarried and ave not even yet reach 30. ha ha. yes, uncle Zorro, we are definitely young and vibrant. so to the whole world out there, all we ever wanted is for malaysians especially the leaders to use our/your head (less lip service) and do justice where possible.

be brave. be noble. be smart.

hit them (culprits) where it hurts the most. focus on the strategy, no more blabbering no more talks no more bullshits. this is what we should be doing loooonggg time ago.

enough for now, we will be back for more. stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: What is your strategy?
Answer: Our strategy will involve leaders of Pakatan Rakyat put threat to the government by saying that they will resign from their ADUN/Parliamentary seats if the ISA detainees is not released. This will put pressure towards te government into considering releasing the ISA detainees as what have been shown by DAP leader.

Question: How efective it is?
Answer: It is effective as this tactic capitalizing on the BN-Najib fears of more PRK. It is a well-known fact that UBN are avoiding any PRK at any cost. Hence, all we asked for you (readers) is to support us.

Question: What kind of support that this mission need?
Answer: We need people to stand united and force the current leaders of Pakatan Rakyat to be willing to consider our strategy. We need the 'Kuasa Rakyat' to be able to force and put pressure on the Pakatan Rakyat leaders into considering our strategy so that more ISA detainees will be released.

Question: This is crap. You are wasting people's money and time.
Answer: This is not crap. This is a wise decision given the tight frame of time, and also bearing in mind, the current situation still holds. This is not wasting money, in fact, fresh elections are always good for the people. Read here on what Raja Petra said about how elections are good for the Rakyat.

Aside from that, you will be helping our mission into standing up for justice. Contribute and give us your support. Spread words about our strategy. All you have to do is support us by signing our petition.

Questions: Whats next?
Answer: We will collect enough signatures, and we will personally submit the petition and our devised strategy to the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat. What they did to this, is entirely up to them. We, as the Rakyat, can only do so much. Hence, it is imperative that we collect enough voices so let it be known to the chosen leaders that they HAVE TO STRIVE AND DO MORE to ensure justice for all, regardless their religion, races and whatnots.

Sign Our Petition Here

Stay tuned for more!! Justice for all!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ISA? What do they say? What do we say?

All government leaders and officers may says that the ISA is not repressive but relevant to safeguard national security as we are still exposed to threats from militant groups, religious and racial extremists. They say that the ISA is aimed at rehabilitate and correcting detainees' understanding and ideology, not to punish individuals or groups.

Some foreign leaders may say that with the ISA existence it means Malaysia is proactive as we don't not have to wait for many innocent Malaysian people to die before we start thinking to detain the perpetrators for two years without trial. They say we won't sacrifice the interest of more than 25 million people for the sake of a few people.

Some former ISA detainees may say that the ISA should be retained in view to protect innocent lives. They say the ISA have given them a second chance to return to the right path and be a better men. But some other former ISA detainees say that they would like many who are still languishing in detention, not knowing what crime they had committed, to be freed immediately. Enough is enough!

Family members of this ISA detainees say nothing but crying all the times but still keeping their faiths, hoping their beloved ones are to be allowed to go home soon.

All the opposition parties, some NGOs and various human rights groups from within and outside the country say that they stand up against this draconian law which has been abused so frequently to quell political dissent. They say that ethnicity and political alignment should not be the factors that determine prosecution. The human rights champions have pinned the ISA label it as draconian, inhumane and authoritarian.

Ever controversial Sister In Islam (SIS) says that the ISA clearly contradicts and brings disgrace to the international image of Malaysia, especially since Malaysia sits on the United Nations Human Rights Council. They wish to remind the government that the use of the ISA, which denies citizens the right to defend themselves in a court of law, is against the principles of democracy, good governance.

The Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) says that people lose their normal lives after being detained. Their families have been broken, with wives asking for divorce. Children have suffered from mental trauma and have had to receive psychiatric treatment. Furthermore, detainees are also abused while in detention.

Various religious leaders say that they also condemn the ISA as being against the basic tenets of every faith.

Many Malaysians these days say that they want the draconian ISA to be abolished as it is repressive. They also want the government to reconsider the use of the ISA to detain anyone for whatever reason as this country have other rules and laws to prevent and to detain the perpetrators with court trials . Some quarters may add that the ISA is being misused to detain whoever threatens any UMNO leaders.

Allright, guys, Hopefully we have only these to say....


Please do sign the Online Petition quick !!! < > to stop the agony and suffer of all detainees and their parents as well as their families. We Malaysians, are one for all and all for one, for this course. Come on show your supports!

Thank you very much !

Friday, May 15, 2009

Please Close Your Eyes.

Mission: Freedom 4 ISA Detainees

Good day to all..

We are currently launching a 'civil movement' to put pressure on the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat to threat the government into releasing the ISA detainees by offering their ADUN/Parliamentary seats.

This is a very strategic move given the current situation whereby the Barisan Nasional are scared shitless on the prospect of another PRK coming their way. The Barisan Nasional are scared losing their satus quo in this country, with Datuk Seri Najib just reigned as Malaysian Prime Minister.

We urged all Malaysian to work together and force the Pakatan Rakyat leaders to consider our strategy to free more ISA detainees and hence put more pressure into abolishing this draconial law.

We should all stand united for justice.
Justice should not be based on religion, status, races or even skin colours.

Welcome to our newly launched English version of 'Misi Membebaskan Tahanan ISA'.

English version, please click here:
Freedom 4 All, Justice 4 All

For the Malay version, please click here:
Bebaskan Tahanan ISA

We are looking forward for your supports/critics/questions/all kind of matters.
All are welcome.

Thank you.

p/s: The malay version of our blog have more information on our strategy, causes and effects. We are currently in a process of translating all our articles. Thank you for your attention.

note: picture credit to hartal