Sunday, May 17, 2009

and the young hearts beat again....

this is what uncle zorro said in his blog...

This old heart pumps double fast whenever he is asked to give a leg-up to young bloggers who want to make a difference in blogsphere. The above link is administered by five individuals (I want to believe that they are young and vibrant) who each own their own blogs. I get an extra bolt of adrenalin when young people come together to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are already on this trust to repeal the ISA.On these young shoulders will the future of this beautiful country be shouldered.


few hours ago, when i typed the entry below, i almost wished we had not started this whole thing. i felt so beat up, no one pay attention, we've been ban from lowyat forum, we've been cursed, we've been ridiculed, and even we've been called crazy. an ignorant and whatnots. our thread in so many forums were ignored, no one even bother to raise an argument because for them, we are just bunch of idiots and attention seekers... and personally, i feel sorry for dragging some of my good friends into this 'project' bcoz its like 'little us' against 'biggest and baddest' them..all people are laughing behind our backs. even our friends ridiculed us and make fun of our stand.

some people who felt sorry for our 'lost cause' even suggest us to go to the popular blogs. no one even bother to read our comments. i went to sooooooooo many so-called popular bloggers, no one even bother to authorized my comments. let alone read it. we felt so desolated.

BUT, FRET NO MORE. thanks to the few kind words from zorro, at last, finally someone out there hear us. i wish the whole world know that this is not a 'lost cause'. this is a cause that was thought carefully.

let me just make a quick background story. this whole idea was originated by our dear AdukaTaruna whose quick mind never ceased to amaze me. he alone come up with this idea. and the rest this history. we do Yahoo Messenger conference, and in just 3 hours, we devise this whole thing. we invited many trusted and fellow bloggers to join us (will talk about this in details) but mainly, we agreed on one thing. we will all work together to let the whole malaysian (if not the whole world) that we, will be smarter than the average malaysians, we will stand united and fight for justice.

we are all young and vibrants. currently, all the admins are single, unmarried and ave not even yet reach 30. ha ha. yes, uncle Zorro, we are definitely young and vibrant. so to the whole world out there, all we ever wanted is for malaysians especially the leaders to use our/your head (less lip service) and do justice where possible.

be brave. be noble. be smart.

hit them (culprits) where it hurts the most. focus on the strategy, no more blabbering no more talks no more bullshits. this is what we should be doing loooonggg time ago.

enough for now, we will be back for more. stay tuned.


-naga- said...

Hello Admins,

Don't worry if its rough start. As they say, good things come slow. ;)

As for getting more people to sign the petition, have you guys considered spreading the issue through Facebook? The reason why I am suggesting Facebook is because Facebook is a better tool in terms of social networking. A lot of people could be reached faster and in greater numbers - the domino effect. Consider creating a "Cause" in Facebook.

There are many online groups who are campaigning for the abolishment of ISA. Might help if all the efforts are streamlined into one single e-effort!

Thank you for linking up with my humble blog, as it is I haven't had much time to update mine.


Deep said...

Keep it up! Please.