Monday, August 31, 2009


From Uncle zorro

I thought this was the opportunity to take our proposal one-on-one with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. I proposed that all the states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat should declare on billboards the state’s anti-ISA stand. I told him that I had commissioned Penang Blogger Daniel Yong HERE to design such billboards that each PR state could be responsible to put up at strategic entrances to their state. I noticed Deputy Chief Minister I YB Mansor Othman nodding affirmatively. I could not catch the reaction of Deputy Chief Minister II, Prof. Ramasamy as we sat on the same side of the conference table. What was the reaction of the Chief Minister. “Show me the design” he said. “Tomorrow, Sir, I will get it for you”, I promised.

Here they are Sir, for the consideration of your Executive Council. Feel free to add or improve but most importantly we need you to take PERSONAL OWNERSHIP of this.




Monday, August 24, 2009

"Keeping The ISA Is A Senseless Move"

The next day Star report on the front page:
"Street protest senseless move, says Prime Minister"
but if I am the PR(Public Relation) for the PM, this heading will be more appropriate:

"Keeping The ISA Is A Senseless Move"

There were few reports on the group marching from Central Market and the National Mosque. I was at the Central Market around 12:30pm and already the police and their trucks were already there plus a group of reporters. Not a big crowd, people walking here and there going on with their business. My thought was that there ain't going to be any rally after all.

Suddenly, a crowd gathered around the police truck and this was what happened. The arrest spree had begun. Within half an hour over 30 people were arrested.

The first group, 4 females and one male were arrested.

I am not local, so I cannot provide the names of the roads where I am at as I joined in the march.

At exactly 2:00pm I started to see people coming in groups walking towards the Pos office building.

This group coming out from the Central Market areas was only about 200 odd people. As we reach the main road, I saw a large group of people already walking towards Dartaran Merdeka. They are from the National Mosque area.

These were waiting for us besides the Selangor Club.

These group estimated at between 5,000 to 8,000 people did not realized that they were walking into a trap.

As we reach the Selangor Club, we were suddenly hit by salvos of tear gas, landing right into the groups. Everyone panic and started to run helter skelter. The tear gas canisters kept dropping down from the sky and I was overwhelmed by the gas. I could not open my eyes, my face burning and I had to squad beside the roadside parapet to overcome the stinging gas barring me from taking any further shots of the evil actions by the najib regime.

Feeling not satisfied with the tear gas, they move in their water canon and started to spray the chemically laced water onto the crowd. I was lucky, they miss me a couple of meters away but the fume itself causes some difficulty in breathing.

After about fifteen minutes they stop their actions and the people started to regrouped. They cannot move forward and they have to go back the way that we came not realizing that by now the police and fru had also block the road preventing them from going back the way that they came. They were trapped, the police move in on all sides preventing anyone from leaving the trap zone. I was slow in joining the group and seeing what the police were trying to do I took refuge at Dartaran Merdeka.

The water canon truck were seen moving towards the crowd and the fru getting ready to fire the tear gas. Then the "slaughter" begins. They keep on firing the tear gas and water jet the trapped people. These continues and you can see the people trying to break away but the police and fru keep pushing them back into the trap zone.

After half an hour they stopped, they stopped because they ran out of tear gas and the chemically laced water canon. The people then find ways to get out of the trap zone. During the inhumane attack an ambulance was seen entering the trap zone.

Half an hour later a helicopter landed at the dartaran merdeka field bringing in more tear gas canisters and chemical for the water canon. Luckily, most of the people had escaped from the trap zone. I overheard one of the fru leader command his subordinates to load up the weapons and get ready to move on to Sogo.

As I gathered back my strength and breathing normally, I started to walk back. Along the way, I can see those people that had been attacked and their sufferings. Other brave ones are heading towards Sogo where the non provoked attack by the fru and police had yet to end.

In conclusion, from my observation of the event live, the police had already put in place their plans. First, they must ensure that the crowds do not reach the Istana. Second, to prevent all the groups from merging together. Third, trap the people and bombard them with tear gas and spray chemically laced water onto them. Fourth, catch as many people as possible and fifth push the blame of what had happened onto the leaders of the oppositions.

One blogger had used mathematical calculations to estimate that over 100,000 people attended the Anti ISA peaceful rally. Go here for more details.


An Account of 1st August, 2009 – ISA Demonstration

Cherubim was there. This is a witness account.

Like any other sane protester, Pewaris and GMI alike, all of us took the LRT. It’s kind of amusing to watch a bunch of middle-aged to elderly men wearing ketayaps and white T-shirts proclaiming their affiliations and riding the same train with black and red-clad folk to pretty much the same destinations, when we were supposed to oppose each other. Along the way, I saw at least 50 blue-clad policemen and their tents, chilling at Masjid Jamek. Even around KL Sentral, I saw more policemen under a brige.

Okay, I thought. Paranoid, much?

At around 1:30pm Cherubim and her fellow protester walked to Istana Negara, but since it was too early we were blocked by a significant number of police and too small number of us. So we walked to SOGO instead. That was around 2:30pm (yes, we walked a lot) when we arrived at Pasar Minggu Jalan TAR. The usual crowd; kids, families, keropoks, air nenas, and oh, the odd FRU truck and police vehicles or two.

Make that a fully loaded water cannon vehicle, several trucks filled with FRU troops fully equipped with gear from SWAT (we girls thought it cool) and they were shooting not merely at us, but at innocent bystanders, patrons of pasar minggu and hawkerstalls alike!

I was lucky, when I was about to go onto Jalan TAR, in a bizarre Cloverfield like feel, I saw the water that was shot at the people in the main road, then I saw everyone running my way. Stunned, I stood aside and just stood beside an equally clueless tourist where we witnessed the police vehicles and policemen in a crowd of 20 or so coming in and grabbing any poor fellow wearing black, red and having anti-ISA emblems on their Ts. Mostly young Malay men tho.

After they were gone, we continued our chant and went on the main road, and heard a few shots of tear gas. I got my very first taste of the day. My eyes burned, my face burned, my nose burned, my throat burned. Some children were crying. Some families were in fear. A friend handed me some salt, which I gratefully ate to remove the sting of the gas, and washed my face thoroughly. Like many others, we covered our noses and our mouths, but those things are stubborn, and made in Arizona USA. During the last BERSIH demonstrations, I heard tell the pellets were from Israel.

When that cooled down, we peeked outside and hung out in front of SOGO, watching the police watching us there. Me & my friends amused ourselves checking out whether any of the younger policemen are cute. Heck, we wanted to take pictures, but was declined the request. Anyways, we got hungry, a little pissed that Secret Recipe (and their delicious frosty ice lemon tea) was closed, and went to this nice little cafe across the street.

We ate happily, some PKR dude apparently belanja all us citizen journalists there, we chatted with the people from Malaysiakini and others.

That’s when it really happened. I don’t recall exactly how many times the FRU cannon truck went back and forth, but I do recall that during one of the lulls we saw several people carrying effigies and picket signs “Mansuhkan ISA”. Also, they were joined slowly by people who were taking refuge, though when we heard the siren and the sight of FRU troops going in we had good sense to return inside the cafe. There were children and families inside the cafe, some of the kids were hit with the tear gasses that was repeatedly shot by the FRU. People escaped through the back door.

Around what, 4pm or 5pm or so, the FRU decided to spray the corners of the ends at Jln TAR, pretty much near the old cinema (ground zero of 13th May, according to my dad, who was a young man then), and I thought it had some ironic implications. Violence seems to like Jalan TAR. I heard the voices of many, I couldn’t determine where, but there were first screams, then outraged outcry, probably Mansuhkan ISA again. Then I heard more tear gas pellet shots.

So, anyway, I was chilling nearby the police, thinking, this was highly excessive. The policemen was nice to me and my friends, we’re technically media, but I thought to myself, I know they are following orders not necessarily in line with their personal opinion, I saw some of them hesitate before aiming and shooting. During the whole event, Pertahanan Awam knocked on shopgrills asking whether anyone was hurt, evacuating the injured, watching out for civillians with a seriously worried and slightly angered look on their faces. What I cannot and will not remove out of the equation is this excessive force and collateral damage.

Look, we all know that on Saturdays, SOGO is a family oriented go to place, as I have all my life with my own parents, we know that most likely there’d be families, not demonstraters there. Plus, in my long involvement with this kinda thing, when the police doesn’t come, after chanting for an hour we all get tired and go to the mamak stalls to chill before going home after 2 hours max. Thanks to the police and especially FRU, we have sufficient warped entertainment for 5 hours to 6 hours. Wow, talk about efficient crowd control.

Again, Cherubim argue that the authorities (we all know who runs the cops) should have let the protesters be. Make sure they don’t hurt anyone, and bonk a few belligerant heads, and things would have been fine. What’s happening now is that even shopkeepers, hawkerstall owners, etc etc are getting pissed off at the gomen. We each protect each other, blind for once to the idea of race and religion, but conscious of the idea of humanity. Otherwise apathic and apolitical folk are now getting more and more involved.

Well, more fodder for the 14th GE.

P.S = Waaaaah, so many police, meh? How come crime rate still so high?


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) regrets to note that in the process of dispersing the 15,000 stronghold of crowd marched in protest of the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) in Kuala Lumpur on August 1, the police have used teargas and water excessively, which has also affected the bystanders.

The day of the public assembly ended with the police reportedly has arrested 600 people and 44 juveniles aged between 13-17 years old at different locations in the city. In this regard, SUHAKAM strongly maintains its stand that the people have the right to participate in peaceful assemblies. SUHAKAM has consistently urged the Government to consider and take into account the recommendations made by the Commission on freedom of assembly as enunciated in the reports of the Kesas Highway and KLCC Bloody Sunday Public Inquiries. It is therefore recommended that in the event where the police find it necessary to control or disperse a crowd, proportionate and non-violent methods should be invoked.

In addition to that, it is also SUHAKAM‘s grave concern that the children who were arrested during the rally were handcuffed, detained and held under remand together with the rest of the adult protesters. SUHAKAM would like to draw the Government’s attention to its obligations to observe and protect the rights of the children in conflict with law as stipulated under the Child Act 2001 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Consequently, in view of the whole situation which took place last weekend, SUHAKAM urges the Government to seriously consider SUHAKAM’s recommendation made since 2003 to repeal the ISA due to its nature of detention without trial, which is clearly an infringement of the principles of human rights. SUHAKAM would like to reiterate its stance that the ISA should be repealed and be replaced by a new comprehensive legislation that balances national security and human rights as a specific Anti-Terrorism Act to deal with anti-terrorism and mass acts of violence.