Saturday, July 18, 2009

Journalism's For Me Despite ISA

When I was out for assignments or conducting a telephone interview over the past two weeks, my interviewees would asked: "Are you all right? Is eveything ok?"

Three weeks after I was being arrested under Internal Security Act, many are still concerned about me. Some asked me whether I have been scared and thus, going to give up journalism. As you can see I am still running around for assignments, you will know that I do not give up my job because of the incident. As many people showed their support during that time, I must adhere to my ambition. At the same time, I am responsible to work side by side with you all so that the country will move towards democracy, the judicial system will be improved, and the people will rationally overcome racial issues.

Since the moment when I was released, many readers and friends sent messages to advise and encouraged me. They asked me to see the incident as a precious experience. We must move forward instead of backwards. Indeed, all of us should adopt a positive attitude when we are facing with setbacks and injustices in life.

To me, the 18-hour experience was not a trauma or "glory". Instead, it was an opportunity for the people to see the unity spirit of the media, as well as the power of public opinion.

I would like to see a through investigation into my arrest and find out the crux of the problem, so that the same incident would not happen again. (By Tan Hoon Cheng/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)

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MySinchew 2008.10.13

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